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HCOP picture thread


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10 hours ago, Mark (EC,IN) said:

Ok,  that makes sense.

Cool outfit...........what model 66 is hiding in the picker?

The first mounted picker I ran was a Deere 226 on a "B"  tractor,  then a 227 on a 60.

Went to a New Idea pull-type after that,  but I still have a great love for corn pickers.

766 with 2300 hrs I think a 1973 model

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On 8/30/2023 at 8:19 PM, MTB98 said:

Sunday plowing wasn’t quite as hectic as some of the other pictures from earlier in the show. 
This guy put on a show!






Not sure what kind of show that would be ? 

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3 hours ago, hillman said:

the soil looks nasty but if that was me I would park the tractor.  

And he should have been parked.

I sat through the operator safety meeting and based on what I heard there the gentleman on the bucking tractor should have been asked to stop. Now, that is, if a field marshall saw it and was available. It’s not their fault for what they don’t see.  Kind of like speeding. I have no right to give you a ticket for driving 85 in a 55. The cop has to see the offense. 

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On 8/31/2023 at 9:16 AM, Rick G. said:

What is that guy’s problem with that 806? Dang!!!! Looks dangerous he’s even getting bounced up out of his seat. Either that or he is intentionally standing up??? W-T-?

The rear tires look over-sized for the tractor for one thing. Could that be the problem? Getting too much tire bite instead of allowing for a small percentage of slippage? I see he has front end weights installed. Geez….

He was nearly thrown off the tractor, or at least had his steering wheel nearly leave an imprint on his chest. The pictures didn’t load in order. He was up, came down and went back up higher. That was one of the last rows plowed at the show. 

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