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Tractor of the week. Week 31: 656


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There are two Diesel Farmall 656s in my area, they have been here since new or near new, one Hydro and the other gear drive, both are owned by relatives and both have survived a shed fire.  I was unaware that the Hydro was in a fire 20 years ago until recently when my cousin told me. The fire was at another farmer's place that they did custom work for.  We all know that those engines need glow plugs by design and that's no fault against them.  The common jokes center around:  "still need glow plugs in a burning building" "(firefighter)'the building is about to collapse get out'(farmer)'I'm almost preheated, give me 60 seconds'" 

Both tractors are semi retired, the Hydro has no high range if I recall correctly, as a result of a hired hand towing it, I have seen it used on the PTO generator and dump wagon lately.  The gear drive makes the odd appearance pulling a rake or tedder, or run an auger.

There was another Farmall 656 around here back when that belonged to a customer of my Dad.  I was removing the lift cover from the trans/diff and had a heck of a time, couldn't get it to separate, checked over and over for the bolts I was missing, I had all the bolts out, had a small forklift to lift the cover and I could almost lift the tractor off the ground but the forklift wasn't that capable, eventually with the forklift applying pressure lifting and some hammering/prying around the seam it separated, the crazy bond was the paper gasket, whether it was just the gasket or the gasket and some sealant in that joint, pretty wild the hold it had

There was a 656 Utility Diesel gear drive that came around once, we painted it, the customer was an IH fan and a salesman at the local CaseIH dealer at the time, cool thing about that job was him providing new old stock IH hardware for the sheet metal

Here's my cousin's 656 gear drive 




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