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Three restored old girls still earning their keep ! 856,1256,1566


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Hey Guys ! 
visited my nieghbor’s this morning and they were doing a little finishing touches on the 1566. 
They all are local tractors that Eddie and His son Chris bought and restored to be workers , they fitted all three with two post ROPS , all have full sets of IH stamped weights , installed hydraulic clutches on all three , and full set of Calif style rear weights . 
I drove the 1256 and 1566 and from seat the exhaust sound is to die for , that light turbo whistle . 
I insisted they line them up for pictures ! Wanted Eddie , Chris , Steve the mechanic in pictures but they are shy and insist the tractors are the stars !

BTW No Leaks ! I am jealous ! The 1566 is sporting 42 “ rubber and inside weights 














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Actually seeing and driving these girls I realize there is a beauty to leaving them in their work clothes ! So easy to work on them and use them and save their natural look 


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The 856 is used to disk between Vinyard and furrow out for watering . 

the 1206 and 1566 are used to prepare winter forage ground for Silege corn and vise versa 

they rake hay , pull balers , with a fifth wheel they pull sets of doubles for Almond harvest , in field loading leaving trailers ready for trucks to take to Huller .

Eddie loves using them as chore tractors the 1566 pumped water for a few years 


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Thanks for saying high ! Hot Plug !

yeah I have been relaxing a bit from restorations but I have few projects to do and waiting for right time to start back up again 

was great meeting you at RPRU 


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