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New purchase: 656 Hydro


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49 minutes ago, sandhiller said:

It is how you test the health of the hydro by using the brakes

It is a good thing

Weak hydro will not kill the motor. 


I have two of the them by the way, one is my good loader tractor and one is a parts tractor

Well duh-oh, OK, now I see what you mean. Thanks to all who replied. Grab your crayons and color me stupid now. LOL!!!

So kinda the same thing as testing the clutch and TA on a gear drive then. 

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On 7/26/2023 at 6:55 PM, Lars (midessa) said:

Hydro gasser, wonder how many were made?

there are 4 of them on my farm, 3 Farmalls and one row crop utility.




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Welp, they can’t all be easy…not that this one is turning out to be problematic, yet. Got the tractor split a few weeks ago and the only thing that looked suspicious was the head gasket…until we pulled the #6 piston. The web between #5 and #6 is cracked, which cracked the #6 sleeve. Dad and I discussed a lot of options, including welding it, but landed on a replacement engine from my neighbor. Picked up the donor engine (a LP 301 power unit) last Friday and met Dad in Grand Island Saturday. I haven’t heard a ton of cuss words about the swap yet, so things must be going OK. I'll post another update when I have one. 




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I know there used to be a 656 gasser hydro that caught fire sitting in the very south west corner of Nebraska. The ranch sold but last I knew the tractor was still there. 

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Experienced a few bumps in the road since the last update...Dad wanted to pull the plugs out of the donor engine and replace them...and ended up stripping the #1 plug hole out. No problem, we thought...we have the original head and a new head gasket. Well, after putting everything (except the tin) back on, we started it and the head gasket leaked like a sieve. Bad head gasket? Warped/cracked head? After an untold amount of $$ spent on fixing/checking/planing the donor head, we finished it up last Thursday (Thanksgiving) only to find that, when the machine shop installed the spark plug bushing, they didn't match the angle of the other 5 plugs. Now the socket won't fit on the plug. $hit. A little fiddle-farting around with various tools and doubling-up the sealing washer on the #1 plug, and we're up and running. Tin is on, starts good, runs good, sounds good. So much for a winter project.

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