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Buddy randomly built my son a pedal tractor

Rusty shackleford

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A guy I went to school with stopped over to barrow somthing, my son Zeke was talking about pedal pulling and mentioned he is getting big for his pedal tractor. The guy wlsaid I want to build him one and just started building. There's a car jack under the seat to adjust hight and it's strong enough to have an adult ride it. Screenshot_20230721_053533_Snapchat.thumb.jpg.acebbfa872fcb06e2c3dea51a816d3a9.jpgScreenshot_20230720_173317_Snapchat.thumb.jpg.debadddf452eca10e18fb3789ba18fc0.jpgScreenshot_20230719_200527_Snapchat.thumb.jpg.78b70c81cf42505639017794fef1ea03.jpgScreenshot_20230719_090648_Gallery.thumb.jpg.87e99b26432e9ef5e97e79bec931e65b.jpg





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21 hours ago, stronger800 said:

That’s cool, and pretty nice of your buddy.

Looks like the better part of two bicycles in there. I wouldn’t think it would need extra chisel plow weights, unless he yanks the TA back and stands her up

I yell to him pull the ta as he is pulling sometimes to motivate him to push harder haha

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Very nice of your friend. 


I am wondering tho if he really gets pedaling hard if that jack under his seat could give and bend under pressure. Would hate to see him get hurt. It's a good idea, just wonder how much it will take.

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