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The Country School an era mostly gone today!


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10 hours ago, tperson said:

The small parochial school that our kids go to have combined classrooms, K/1, 2/3, 4/5, 6/7/8. While I wouldn't change anything about the school, I have noticed an ever-other year trend in our kids' report cards. When they're the big kids in the classroom, grades go up; when they're little kids in the classrooms, grades go down because they're trying to see what the big kids are doing and not paying attention to their work. 

I dont remember it affecting my grades, but that was just shy of 35 years ago, so maybe it did.  I do know it gave me a good head start when we went to town for school starting 4th grade.

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My grandparents owned the ground the Sheridan #5 schoolhouse sat on which was 1 mile south of the Sheridan Store on the southwest corner. This school had pictures taken after it was built in 1892 which were part of an exhibit by the State of Iowa at the 1893-1894 Columbian World's Fair in Chicago (photos of the outside of the school as well as inside views were exhibited). Found a quote in a Sheridan Township history book that stated the new schoolhouse was "one of the temples of knowledge of modern up to date plans." My how far we have come from that time period. The first attaced picture was taken when it originally closed down in 1958. My dad used it has a hoghouse for a number of years before it met it's final demise at some point before 1977. Pictures 2 and 3 were taken when it was a hoghouse. Picture 4 was taken before it was tore down and the last picture was taken during teardown. I still have some of the Treasurer's books from the school which date as far back as 1917. These schools were an awesome piece of Iowa history.

Sheridan #5 Closed 19580828.jpg

Sheridan #5 Hog House.jpg

Sheridan #5 Hog House2.jpg

Sheridan #5 Fall 1973001.jpg

Owatonna 330 Mustang Sheridan No 5 School001.jpg

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My dad went to the country school 1 mile east of my place. He would have graduated from 8th grade in 1954 or 1955. He said the country schools gave the best education. The 1st graders learned what the 8th graders were being taught and the 8th graders got a review when the 1st graders were being taught. The students also were part of the school's work. Brought in the firewood. Filled the water cooler. Helped the teacher clean up. Most importantly were taught the three R's. Dad's school house got moved to town and is now a house.

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Yes, sadly it's true. I heard about such a school from my grandparents, and it was only positive things. Now those schools they used to attend are gone, soon there will be not a single one left. But it's okay I think, the educational system has changed a lot over the years, and now schools are different, and so are the universities. 

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On 8/31/2023 at 8:58 PM, hagan said:

Went to this school my first 6 grades of school and it was closed in the spring of 1965. A year ago July we had tornados out in thearea and it blew lots of the bricks off the top rim. The rise in the center is no longer there as is the top 2 ft of the west side. The school was built in 1925 and i think the cement mortor that held the bricks together is just wearing out. Hate to say but it will not stand another bad wind like that one a year ago

mvs 006.jpg

That’s quite a building for only having a 40 year service life. Shame to see it not used for something. 

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Here is Sheridan #3 that sat on the Southeast corner of our farm until 1958 or 1959.  This photograph was taken in August 1958 as part of a county inventory of schools.  Shortly after the school was closed and before my Great Grandfather purchased the building and had it moved to the building site East of my house. The attached inventory list was interesting too.



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