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After 8 years..


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Oldest daughter’s boyfriend is a contractor and one of my best friends is a serious woodworker/carpenter. Between the two of them they have 5 times as many yellow tools as what I have red ones. I help them out with projects once in a while, and although everything they have definitely works good , if you were to put the drills head-to-head drilling concrete or sinking those big headed timber lock construction lags,  a red drill or driver will out perform the yellow ones. And I’m talking all of the higher quality models , XRP 20 V or whatever they are called these days. The guys will both even admit it, but they’re way to committed to change at this point.
 They have some neat tools. Things I didn’t even know existed.

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9 minutes ago, stronger800 said:

Do the lights last pretty well? I always look at those but have not bought one yet.

The tower light sucks batteries like mad, the flood light doesn’t do too bad, 4 hours or maybe a little more on high. The tower can be plugged in however, so it’s alright. 

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My son has the Milwaukee fuel weed eater with the extendable pole and chainsaw attachment,  when I first saw it I  thought it  would be a joke but believe me it's not. We've cut 6 inch branches 10 to 15 feet high with it and it does it with ease,sure beats standing in a loader bucket with a chainsaw. 

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