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Loader mounting


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Hey all, I had a guy offer to trade me a loader, with all hydraulics/ram, bucket and forks for an old lawn tractor I have for sale. He has the undercarriage and all mount hardware for it but it's off a Massey (believe he said 135). From what I can find online it looks like an allied loader but that's just a guess. He claims he thinks the carriage is the same on the IH but not sure I believe him. How much of a headache/fab work do you figure I would have to go through to get it mounted on my b414? Was hoping to find one to bolt on but cost wise this is very appealing.


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that looks pretty messed up hope you know what your getting into is it damaged ? hard to tell from the pic

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I haven't seen it in person so not certain what kind of shape it's in. He's had it listed for sale for a while at a steep (I think) price but I've never had any experience with loaders so trying to muddle my way through figuring out what the best route is getting set up. Trying to get him to send me some measurements to make sure it'll clears the width of my 414. Then I'm guessing I would have to look at fabricating mounting brackets to make it fit. Looks to me like it's the type that mounts at the back by the fenders then would need to line up where it bolts to the side of the tractor. Maybe I can get the guy to send me some better photos

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