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A few pictures from the IHCC #6 show


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Today through Sunday Ohio Chapter 6 is taking part in the Miami Valley Steam Show. Here’s a few of the more than 140 tractors we have registered.






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7 minutes ago, 12_Guy said:

Nice pics BJ.
140 IH or all breeds?  
Any older stuff? 
Thanks for the pics/info. Thinking about coming over Saturday morning. 

140 from just Chapter 6. There are other IH's throughout the grounds as well. Chapter 6 has most all series represented.  I am on foot and walking great distances is a challenge for me so I didn't get as many photos as I would have liked; plus I was trying to stay in shade. It was HOT today. :D


I don't know how many of the other colors there are here. 

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49 minutes ago, nate said:

Use that 186 BJ!    You’ll smile a lot more than just looking at it.  

I did use the 186 a lot today. First we went on a tractor drive to that was 22 miles round trip. I was surprised at how many people were sitting at the ends of their driveways as we passed by. We had lunch at Fire Punk Diesel. They are well known in the Cummins performance world. Then this evening was the Grand Parade to Plain City. The streets were lined with people watching from the show grounds all the way through town. I used to think that the tractor drive to the IH Archives in Madison Wisconsin was the coolest thing I've done on a tractor but today was even better. 

Line up for the tractor drive. 


On the road!

The halfway stop on the drive so the slower tractors could catch up.

Back on the road. It was shortly after this that we came to a road that had recently been chip and sealed. The center of the road was the only part of the road that didn't cause us to throw stones. :(

The line behind me.

Arriving at Fire Punk.

About 100 people were on the tractor drive. Here is a just a small sample.

The 786 that I was following.

Lavon Miller's (Fire Punk CEO) 2004 Quad Cab.

1992 First Generation Cummins. It had the window sticker with it. The Cummins engine was a $3300 option. It was a $9000 option when I got my 2018. :D

Heading back to the show. The letter series isn't nearly as fast as the 786 :lol:

1910 (I think) IHC AutoCar. There are only seven surviving of these. 

1924 Farmall

1928 Six Speed Special

D30 Truck

2021 International

Parade lineup. We were snaked all over, I had wait my turn to get in line. 

Downtown. The sun is reflecting all the bugs the tractor has found on this trip.

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What’s the story of the chains being exposed on the auto car? I can see the head is below them. 

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8 minutes ago, IHhogfarmer said:

What’s the story of the chains being exposed on the auto car? I can see the head is below them. 

I'm not sure. The car was only here for today and I didn't get to talk with the owner.

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Just a few from today. 










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Added more photos
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