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Tractor of the week. Week 27: 1256

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I bought this guy off an estate auction last September. I leveled off some moldboard plowing with a 21' FC last fall and was impressed with its lugging ability going up sand knolls and such, it never pulled down at all like it was barely working it. I had some wheel slippage but with no ballast at all, a guy would expect that. My 806 and 1256 are the snappiest tractors I've run, which makes them fun to drive. Serial #13262. From my research it was built in January of '69. 




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Here’s ours. 1967 year, serial number 7559. By far my favorite tractor on the farm. My grandfather and great uncle bought it brand new in 1969 at one of our local dealers. It left us in 1989 and I was able to locate it on an auction and confirm it with the serial on the original bill of sale I have still. Open station originally but then we put a year round cab on it which I’ll take off when I restore it. Will be my next tractor to do. It’ll never leave the farm again, great tractor. 














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7 hours ago, Farmall1066 said:

The 1256 I own with my brother, bought it the spring of 19986595B8AA-DAE0-4D73-9ADA-7078678B1921.thumb.jpeg.66e739431d3f43de7afbd27aba9ef8fd.jpeg

My 1256 wheatland, the day I got it running after the engine overhaul, waiting on the injectors to be rebuilt, and then it should be like new!! 5CB37A19-F93D-4698-B486-BF549CA00430.thumb.png.36fa1484c476e2d00358bfc1aaa4af3d.png

So, how do the wheatlands steer compared to the row crop, what with the straight external cylinder?

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@axial-flow has a nice one in the first pic with long bar axles. Just noticed the second one does too.

I guess I don’t have a of one at RPRU? I assume one was there? I just have several pictures of 1456’s. I guess I like them more? Lol








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This is a Photographic Center picture, taken for the original 1256 promotional literature, with Russell Johnson (RIP) at the controls in the friendly confines of that Stolper Allen cab. The tractor is pre-production if not a total prototype and one they used for the front covers of the 1256 literature and the 1968 Buyer's Guide. It has 06 shift levers and throttle, fuel filters, and the keyhole in the front casting. A deluxe hydraulic seat is visible on both cover pictures and a one of a kind steel door over the ether injection system you can see on the 1256 literature cover.


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I'm too young to remember it, but my great uncle had a 1256 in the early to mid 70s. Farmall with the Ice Cream Box cab. He bought it used, sounds like the previous owner may have abused her a bit... one axle was longer than the other, they figured PO must have spun an axle out of it, and Dad remembers they had to work like crazy to get the front axle to finally take grease. Dad did say it was a pulling son of a gun! Like someone said earlier, Dad said you'd never pull the engine down.  I'm guessing it went away in trade when he bought his new 1086 in 1976. Unfortunately, I have no idea of the whereabouts or even the SN of the 1256 or several other red tractors that my great grandpa and/ or great uncle had over the years including 3 M's, an H, 400, 560, 806, and 1486. The 1086, I believe, is still local, and I sure hope to buy that one back someday.

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5 hours ago, Farmall1066 said:

Row crop is the wet bolster, the wheatland is the cylinder under the right frame rail. 

Right.  I was aware of that, but wondered if one steered easier than the other.

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I’ve had mine for about 15-16 years. It’s never let me down. Dad was making it harder to borrow his tractors so I was on the look out for something and saw this one at a local dealer. Always liked the 56 series. Had a rusted out icb cab that had to come off to work on brakes a few years ago and decided it was too rusted to put back on. I thought she really looked like a beast with the 23.1x34s and no cab or fenders. For a minute I thought about looking for some clamshell fenders off an 06 series but got a good deal on aftermarket flattops instead. 






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I am the 4th owner and I am fairly sure each owner lived within 5 miles of where I live but their land base was much wider. 


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52 minutes ago, nepoweshiekfarmalls said:

It is nice to see these 1256's with ice cream box cabs on them.  I think they look great!  So many have been discarded over the years. 

I really liked it on mine but the rust was just too bad. I haven't scrapped it yet but I don't know why I haven't. 

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