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Cancer update and other news.


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I am sure glad you got on here and brought us up to date Rick.

F-in cancer.

We all have  experienced someone we know and/or love battle this heartless disease or even ourselves.

I know its always on my mind when I get a blood test/ xray/cat scan or mri done. 

The disease has taken too many of my family. 

But I know many who beat this f-in disease and what a glorious time that is!

We don`t know how we will deal with it till it`s our turn to fight it. 

You do things your way Rick, as I know you will. 

I will have good thoughts for you and your family who are stepping up to keep things rolling during your journey. 

You are DEFINITELY in our thoughts OT. 

And hope soon to do battle with you again on our watered down forum. 

Sincerely, M T O signing out.......... over. 


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Hey, Rick.  I sent you a p.m.

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On 7/5/2023 at 2:18 AM, Farmall1066 said:

Sorry to hear Rick, will keep you and your family in my prayers!! 
Cancer is a day at a time deal! When my mom battled it, that’s how it seemed, just take today, and get through it, and deal with tomorrow when it gets here! 
Sorry to hear about the shed and equipment! Hopefully insurance will lift that burden.  The  crops, well that’s completely out of our control, unless you have irrigation, which I don’t have.  So we either get some water soon to get us a few more days, or it’s soon to be over, and collect insurance on the crop.  We know we only get 2 options here! 

I ain't that far from you and farmers here have those same 2 options.


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And one more.  This is from Johns Hopkins.

Many terminal cancer patients have survived and even been cured by adding repurposed drugs.  Repurposed drugs are those deemed safe and effective by the FDA for treating other conditions, like worms or parasites – drugs like Mebendazole or Ivermectin.

Leading cancer researchers at prestigious institutions are now beginning to find that such repurposed drugs can help prevent cancer spread – known as metastasis – which is the ultimate cause of death in most cancer patients. For example, consider this quote from Dr. Gregory Riggins of the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine.


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