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Summer Vacation Time


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Got the trailer hitched up and we're rolling!!

A few photo's from the Hot Rod Power Tour 2023 



They were running late and had to fly in


Streetable SxS 


I think we had a discussion on Corvair vans remember the rampside?

Makes it real easy for the engine swap



And there was even an IH on the Power Tour 




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My Dad had a '75 Impala Wagon with the 400 small block. We used to strap on the trailer mirrors and how up to the travel trailer and it the road. It was the first car I had when I got my license.

Not so sure on the roof top fifth wheel!

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I did power tour 08, long haul...  2008, the year it earned the nickname "Power DE-tour..."

All the bad weather, tornadoes, and flooding made it a real challenge to get across Iowa...

I didn't get the 68 Impala SS done in time, so I hooked up a car trailer to my pick-up, and pretended to be a wrecker for the week.

I think there was only one day I didn't haul somebody over the finish line for the day.

I even got my picture in one of the national car mags for that...(I'll have to do some looking). 

It sounds like this year would have been a good one to NOT miss. Looks like you had fun.


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