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Anyone ever seen a typo in a brochure


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Whenever I get a new brochure I read them, whenever I get the time which may be a while after I get them. Was reading this brochure tonight and found this typo on page 25. Said 815 & 819.




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For some reason or another, our dealership received a full order of brochures for the Gen. I MX Magnums in French language when they were new. I still have a couple of them in my collection.

To me, the biggest travesty was when right after the Case/IH merger they airbrushed "Case" in front of the "International" nameplate in many brochures that previously had been used exclusively by IH's advertising people. You could see many of those shots in a previous IH brochure just a year or two before the merger. Also, you could see pictures of CaseIH tillage equipment being pulled by airbrushed CaseIH 94 series tractors in the same photo that had an IH 50 series or 2+2 tractor pulling it before the merger.

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  Not so much an error but perhaps an oversight.  The 1978 Buyer's Guide has a 66 series row crop pulling a forage harvester.  It could pass for a 686 though a tad small for such a job.  I don't think that the 686 used rear wheel centers like what is shown in the picture.

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How about an *ooops!* in a corporate slide presentation.

That is in fact a FH188 Chop-King, not a FH84 Chop-All.

Even says so on the side of the pickup & "188" on the spout!



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I believe it's in the 1969 or 1970 full line buyer's guide, but shows a IH implement pulled by a Massey tractor.

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