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My RPRU 2023 findings. What did you bring home??


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Kind of forgot about this one. Bought it for the 756, whoops. Need the bigger one for '56's. Looked at the 10, perfect. Screws were just a tad long, just a spot of black paint and no one will ever know.


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4 minutes ago, sandhiller said:

I brought home some really great memories of the genuinely nice people I met

As we all did that were there!

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Every Red Power needs an on site cafe of some type for people to gather at.

I really liked going in, finding some people and asking if I can set down with a cup of coffee and talk.

I usually end up staying near an hour and meeting some really terrific people.

We are all friends with an IH fetish.

South Dakota will have the Kiwanis Club Pancake House again.

This is where the day starts.

Iowa, don't let us down.

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I guess I went to RPRU and came home on the cheap. The only things I bought were #3 and #4 pieces of a 4-piece medallion set that CaseIH offered back in 2005. I've had #2 piece in my toolbox for nearly 20 years....now I just need to find #1 piece for the set. Also, the I got the medallion that the combine plant was giving out during the plant tours.



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