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Tractor of the week. Week 24: Farmall Regular

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Grandpa's first tractor bought new in Baxter Iowa. I believe it had been at the dealer a year or 2 before being sold. Told the story before but it was bought to speed the replanting of corn after it was frosted off one spring and grandpa didn't think he could get it replanted in time with the horses. 

Needs a good washing.




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25 minutes ago, Drysleeves said:

Great story. Amazing that you still have the tractor.

Dad talked grandma into letting a good friend and neighbor have it in the 70s if he would restore it. It was at the farm next door where it had been stored but somehow was outside by then. I recall they got it painted but could only get it to run at that time by spraying gas down the carb as something was wrong with the carburetor. 

The original set up had been replaced with the f20 style and he had to find the correct set up. You can see where the hood has been patched where the newer exhaust went out. They had it in a parade for the centennial but had to trailer it due to the steel wheels and carb not being quite right. After he died I bought it back from his son and widow. I need to get it out this summer and clean it up. Haven't had it running in a few years.

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The first tractor around here was a 10-20, and then an F-20 which was quite literally parked under a tree when Letter tractors began to arrive and there was insufficient shed space for the once important F-20. We used to play on it as kids and then one day around 1980 my dad sold it to a guy who got it running and flipped it. No clue where it landed.

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39 minutes ago, 766 Man said:

  The Fordson was all done when the Regular came along.  There was a Fordson on this farm when grandpa bought it in 1923.  Too bad there was not a Regular come 1924.  

In the corn belt yes.  Out here it was the 10-20, 15-30, and JD D that killed the Fordson.  100th year for the D this year and 100th next year for the regular.  Two milestone tractors 

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