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IH 4xxx vs other 3-4-5xx trucks


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May have to CC  gen ? page for more traction?

Trying to compare ease of use and overall costs,and some nit pick $$ application of rules.

IH all in one vs other / brand truck/ trailer?

See many of you hauling 2-3 tractors with Pu and trailer,and jockeys with 3-5 cars/trucks on 30-45' tlr.

 with 2 tractors on it can be difficult to get load/weight balanced.

Also I dont prefer the braking abilities (esp with brake smart defunct)almost forget trailer is loaded)

...say truck #6K tlr #5K  = 11k +2 #4-5K tractors /1 dozer #12K   = legal with some extra but not everywhere./applicable.

PU (used) no flags when popo go s by)$18K to $60K....... new $55-95K ......................anything '08 > non diesel

Trailer 25-30' manual bt  $7-$18K

2 to maintain and store near 60'


IH '92-2008  4xxx  

Short/trailer    $10-$18K

Rollback          $8-$20K

difference in 444/t444e/ 466 dt466  7.3..........no maxforce

auto  manual?   5-6-7- spd

? gearing weights and other details?/?

short haul 30' boxs and take off rollback are + $7-14K

something   safer than PU if it has to go commercial anyway ,would have the ability to earn $ 1-3 loads a month to cover costs........no?

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I’m not an expert by any means, so my advice is worth what it costs you. Years ago I would have said that a semi would be the lowest cost. But, mostly due to ridiculous increases in maintenance costs I’m not sure any more. The cost for tires alone on a heavy truck are completely unaffordable if it is not used enough to wear the tires out before they need replacement. As far as hiring out, it will be no problem to find work. The problem comes from finding people who are willing to pay enough to make the work worth it. I’m sure you have plenty of experience in that area already. The smallest vehicle that can safely do the job is what I would vote for. Mostly because it will be cheaper to maintain. I would also be willing to pay more for an older vehicle in excellent condition if it can be found. Also because of less nonsense type repairs that cost a fortune and waste large amounts of time. I don’t know if it’s just me, but I have never really been a fan of the HEUI system that was used on the later 7.3 engines. But, they are a dream compared to most anything currently being produced. 

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Here's my advice, I'd look at a medium-duty straight truck, an IH 4200 or 4300. Something with a DT-466, 5,6,or 7 speed. Get something geared to run 65-70 mph, maybe faster. Air brakes preferred too.  Last company I worked for had just bought an FL-something Freight-Shaker before I started there, it was ALWAYS broke down. THEN my new Boss asked me one night what we should get for our new straight truck, I said "An IH 4300", we rented from Penske so they special the drivetrain, DT-466E, 6 speed, air brakes, fancier cab, nice AM/FM  radio, air conditioning, it was so nice the driver sat in it to take his breaks in! Air-ride seat. I NEVER saw a truck that long turn so short. I guess it rode nice. 20 ft Flatbed would fit easily. In 3-4 years we never really had any problems with it, just normal maintenance. If you find you load it heavy frequently stick a cheater axle under it. Anything that vintage would have a lot of miles on it now, but the newer trucks with DEF are to be avoided.

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dont find many 420-4300  I would want if not 3-4x $ a 4700

Dont mind air but that adds other issues and guaranteed EVERYthing commercial.

in last 30 yrs outside of #24K in cattle with the 7.3 ,higher in 1 run anything over #26K

hate other drivers anymore so < 300m.....long day trip.

rollback and pto/hyd  winch is so much better for dead items vs bt and elec winch ramps,hinges etc.

can find 4700 easy most any config usually 7.3 s466   5-6 spd  several ready to go rolloff +- $2x the trailer

many < 200Km 44-4700 long box /cargo and take off rb beds, usually 444 or 444e 6-7 spd but likely no gears

explain the various iterations of 444 7.3 466?

actual gearing vs the spds

what can be gleaned for the frame tags?

have nt used RAdio since the 90s........they only matter when ordering a battery , exhaust or 13" brakes for a 454.

I see what others do with 35-4500,is it safe/legal IDK but for sure 4-5 x $$$$


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So we havent finished this...

I see many of you that dont have an outside business to pay the bills,therefore for hauling toys, use a pick up ,(yes 1),2,3xx (rarely) 4,5xx and various trailers .

Which in many locals can be interpreted as illegal or need cdl even under 26K,lack braking and unless newer be low on power.

Like everything vehicles are going to tank within 2 yrs.

Trailers have already softened , as well as 4700 cc or roll back, as is anything needing banking or high miles.


? '98-2008 mechanical?

4700 cc/ GN/FW trailer........<25'-30'<

4700 RB 19'-22'     alum/steel

other IH



3,4xx   single/dual whl

diesel as only recent offerings compare

ONly GN trailer   <25' 30'<

braking/ singles /dual/




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every 4x00 I find (not destroyed) that is an auto IS LOW miles  like ,<175000 and the destroyed  400-700k  mile (runs great,tired, spare engine trans out back in mud)needing everything $20K + )  is $5-15K MORE than the auto.?

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