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Think you had a bad day?

Steve C.

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How about living in Pompeii in 79 AD?  Make sure your sound's turned up.


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And we thought the digital age started just a few years ago! They had excellent camera quality.

It is never ending what modern (by today's standards) technology can do.

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? certainly the facts of history can be wrong or mis interpolated until more is determined.

This looks to be an AI, fit the pc narrative rewrite.

IIRC while the total event may have been 20-60 hours. THe  get out or die was < 15 minutes, normal day to buried in feet of ash then lava.

people still in bed....so it had to be super fast....poison gas creeping down,shock wave /unconscious, no oxygen from too much other in the air(dont recall reports of much in lungs..?

then feet of coverage and missing for centuries.

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