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Can anyone tell me if this engine is IHC ?


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A friend got hold of this six cylinder side valve engine when he was giving a mate a hand to clean up a house they had sold, it was heading to the tip, and just like me he hates to see things dumped.

We can't work out what it is, Chrysler/Dodge has been suggested, but it doesn't quite seem to fit. Another suggestion was IHC, but all the Inter engines I have seen display the three diamond logo proudly on the block casting, this has no makers ID anywhere. It is quite large and would I think be a truck engine of some sort. Distributor and oil pump mounted opposite in the centre of the block, and with an unusual front mounting that has a tubular centre mounting that looks like it would mount to a cross member, I can't remember if the crankhandle goes through that but think it would. (sorry no photo of that), the front mounting also mounts on several points on the front of the engine including mounting on a cast iron timing cover, It also has the water jacket stopping higher than usual with the cylinders clearly visible under the water jacket. (circa 1920s design). With the downdraft carby and the other features of the engine suggesting a manufacturing date of 40s to late 50s (?)

So what do you guys think, could this be an International or if not, got any idea what it may be ?

Thanks guys,


(in Western Australia)

Reptons side valve six.jpeg

Reptons sidevalve 6 3.jpeg

Reptons sidevalve six 2.jpeg

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Mopar engines have the spark plugs located in pairs not evenly spaced.  See pic directly above.  Also water outlet at the very front of the head.  In the bottom pic of the first three the way the block is cast with the implied bores was a GM feature during 20's and 30's.  

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I have been doing "a lot" of Googling trying to ID it but so far no luck ! When I first saw it I thought probably Dodge power giant, but dodge engines don't seem to have the abridged water jacket, and all the photos I could find show the water jacket the full length. Dodge/Chrysler engines also all seem to have the thermostat housing held on with two bolts going "across" the head rather than longitudinally down the head. The Oil pump and distributor position seem right for either Dodge or International but inters always have the three diamond logo cast in, with the rest of the design not quite right, and 7288cdn is right about Chrysler plugs being in pairs while this engines are evenly spaced. One of my mates has a 1936 straight eight Pontiac with Indian head badge on the block and a prominent GM on the head, but that engine has the oil pump/distributor set up the same, and similar design features on the head so we were wondering if it was some sort of "GM" product, but no GM engine I have found fits. I thought the "super heavy duty" cast iron timing cover might have given it away, but so far I can't find anything like it.

Thanks blokes for the interest!

I will have to go out to where it now is sometime and get some more detailed photos.


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17 hours ago, cartercarbaficionado said:

it's an engine from a 1930s international C-1 I realized this while trying to find a picture of an international truck I really wanted in nebraska

thought it looked same as a GD214,but ONLY ever seen those "original" inside  the truck.  The RD 45? were nice BUT thirsty

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