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International 404

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I've been looking at an International 404 on marketplace about 10 miles from home for a while.  Finally went to look at it and it followed me home. The goal is to rewire it and take care of a couple of mechanical things, then see if it will run and what else is wrong with it.  I hope to get it mechanically and electrically solid and sell it for more than I have in it.  We shall see.

Ultra rare option of yellow wheels on the left side only.  It has an eclectic paint scheme going.



The owner said it was running until a couple of years ago, now it is not getting spark.  The wiring is not ideal.




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Because I have a soft spot for the C family of tractors, I've always kind of wanted a 404. 

Best of luck with the fix and sell. I'd start by pulling ALL that wiring mess off and making a new, simple harness to get it running. 

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Wiring harness improvements so far:


4 splices in 8" of wire:


Brody and I spent some time cleaning and piddling today.  We have a plan to get the fuel line remade correctly and work on battery cables and wiring harness.  We also pulled the plugs and confirmed that the engine turns over freely, and verified that the bell housing is free of mouse nests and such.

Can anyone identify this wrench?


The previous owner has located the missing rear pivot bearing for the front axle, and the sway stabilizer bars.  I will pick those up tomorrow.  I hope he finds the missing sheet metal from the left side.


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Went by the previous owner's house to pick up some pieces he found.  He had the missing front axle pivot bearing (?) and the sway braces.  They both need some clean up and welding.

Current front axle arrangement:


'Repaired' parts



The coolest parts of the visit was that he handed me the original owners manual and the original bill of sale.


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I've been tinkering on this a little bit as I have time.  The guy I got it from said it wasn't getting spark.  Found that the screw through the side of the distributor didn't have an insulator on it, so I made one.


I've made enough of a wiring harness to spin the engine over, and it turns freely.  I found out that the distributor was 180 degrees out of time, so we fixed that as well.  I have the plate to block off the hydraulic valves ordered from Bates, as well as a coil and a distributor cover plate.  Hopefully I will be able to hear this little tractor run by the end of the week.


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19 hours ago, iowaboy1965 said:

Maybe I missed it but why would you want to block off the hydraulic valves?

The three point valve / control is still there, but the previous owner removed the two auxilliary valves when he sold the loader.  The valves stack on the side of the rear housing, and without the end cover on those valves I think it will pump hydraulic fluid out the open port.  I don't need the auxilliary valves at this time, so I ordered the cover plate to close off the open holes.


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It's been a few days, need to give you folks an update.

It runs!  That was a good step forwards.  Make note of the Sun Drop fuel system.

Now that it has run a few minutes, the hydraulics have started working.  The three point goes up and down, maybe on the slow side but seems to work.  The power steering is not working correctly.  When I try to steer right, the steering wheel spins pretty violently to the left.  I can steer the tractor by steering slightly right when i want the wheels to go left and steering slightly left to make the wheels turn right.

Another issue I discovered on my short test drive is that the clutch slips.  Investigated further and I think the throw out bearing is installed incorrectly.



Right now the To Do List looks like this:

1. Clean carb and fix leak on fuel line

2. Fix throw out bearing & adjust clutch

3. Figure out hydraulics / power steering

4. Figure out why it won't go in 4th gear

5. Flush / fill cooling system

6. Finish wiring and reinstall sheet metal




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