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R190 semi I thought it was 63?

derek o

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37 minutes ago, derek o said:

What should I use

What are your expectations? I would think that a donor vehicle with an engine, clutch and transmission already bolted together would be the easiest. This will likely require you to fabricate all the mounts and driveline. I doubt you will find anything that will bolt right in to that truck without a lot of work. I saw @R190 comment that a RD gas engine is the only thing that will bolt right in and anything else is going to require a lot of creativity. I think that is an honest assessment from someone who obviously has a lot of knowledge. 

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25 minutes ago, derek o said:

So why not the 7720


If you’re a skilled fabricator, there’s no reason it wouldn’t work. Finding a clutch, flywheel, and figuring out how to mate it to a transmission would be the main problem. As well as building the motor mounts and making sure the cooling system is adequate. But, those are not impossible to figure out. It just depends on you or the person you hire to get it in there. The way the governor is set up in the combine is surely different than in a truck application, but that would be easy to correct. Depending on how you are using it, I’d think that stock 7720 may be a little short on power. I’d love to see the pictures of this truck and its progress if you go ahead with it. 

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You can make it work, GM put John Deere engines in a few trucks in the late 70s or early 80s . you just need to find compatible components from the crankcase back  all the linkage, mounting , cooling ,braking,  and air induction systems besides the drive line components which depend on the transmission you elect to use. It all depends on your skill level ,your stock of cash, and a little luck. You could try going on a JD forum and ask if any one has one of those GMs or has tried a similar conversion into any brand of medium duty trucks. Good luck.

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