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Bluetooth hearing protection/hands free talking

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They arrived today, I took a gamble and bought Amazon renewed, as far as i can tell they are brand new, un opened and half price. I like them, cumbersome to put in, but once they are there, they are there. Call quality is good, they last a full workday, allegedly, sound quality is terrific. I don’t notice the noise cancellation, but I absolutely cannot hear people around me, at all.





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Bose is the gold standard in aviation headsets. I have a Bose conversion set which has an add on mic.

My hearing  aids are Bluetooth and hear phone conversations quite well. I recommend though, that you take better care of your ears than I. 

I have David Clark passive headsets but they’re not up to active. I also have Crazed Pilot active which work okay. 

The jet is so quiet that we use light weight sets that have some noise cancellation. They’re only powered by the mic audio, no battery.

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Sorry that I missed the start of this thread. I second the recommendation of the ISOtunes. I have the PRO 2.0 at home and at work we just got the FREE 2.0. As much as I like the PRO model, the FREE is so  much better at blocking noise and staying place. I highly recommend either one.

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