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Refurb of a 48" mower


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I use my cubs for mowing my grass.  I prefer a 48" triangle deck under a narrow frame (147).  As they are old like everything else IH made they tend to wear out so I'm always on the lookout for them.  The one that I had been using was getting more and more swiss cheese like each year.  I found a good used replacement on marketplace last winter that had a great shell.  Problem is, it had a 20' brushed paint job.  Sooner than later I'd like to repaint all of my tractors and implements so I decided this would be a good test of my skill of stripping and repainting something.  I had used plenty of spray paint cans but I wanted to use an actual spray gun on this.  I took what was good out of the swiss cheese deck (like spindles and blades) and used those on the donor.  

-I stripped the paint using a combination of angle grinder stripping wheel and aircraft stripper.

-The center spindle opening was broken and missing a piece where a bolt hole was so I welded in a patch and drilled it out.

-The center cast piece where the hangers for the subframe attached was broken on the donor deck.  It was missing pieces and discarded.  I used the one from the cheese deck.

-It was missing a ski runner.  The cheese deck didn't have runners so for $15 and an afternoon I made one.

-I turned a roller on my dad's wood lathe.

-CNH 935 white at 8:1:1 (hardener and reducer) was applied.  

-Maple hunter of texas was the supplier for the decals.  I had an issue with the 'be careful' decal but they replaced it no questions asked.  I'd do business with them again.


I am happy with the way it came out.  I have my eyes set on the 73 next! (not pictured)  Thank you to K. Smith at brushfire design/the little tractor co for his help and advice when it came to the painting process.



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For a gun I use a Sanborn sprayer I got from Menards.   Compressor is your basic mid sized one from home Depot.  (I run an inline water trap too.).  



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