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The most dangerous store I've been in for quite a while


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An L&M fleet supply opened near us a couple months back. Today was the first time I finally got a chance to check it out.

Wow! That store has everything I need and then some. I would describe it as if tractor supply, Dunhams and Menards got together L&M fleet supply would be the outcome. 

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Enjoy/buy while you can.

had 6 iterations of similar here.

give it 9 mo for ai and bean counters to trash it, highest turn rate and higher profit will push out all the good stuff, real people want

 once it hits 90/60/30 algo's it will be,BS chachkies ,  and 10 X profit,, pet  NONESENSE. toss it, china crap for the cidiotes

within a year all the "GOOD" help we be fired,and NOTHING can be ordered.

dollar store even, 12th hour canceled a build in the horse pasture next door.

Wally world, also doing a lot of belt tightening


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