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Ash tree replacement..................


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On 5/22/2023 at 7:36 AM, Sledgehammer said:

Do they grow quickly at all?  Any more details?  This sounds interesting. 

I’ve got 6, 3yr old pecan trees in 5 gallon buckets that were started from the large pecan in my yard. I know it was the same size in the 1950’s as I have pictures of it. Been struck by lightning twice in the 15 or so years I’ve lived here. I’ve lost large limbs to large storms in the past but that tree is tough. 


I believe the chestnuts grow slower than pine or maple but quicker than oaks. 

If you read any old documents or hunting stories from long ago you see that the Pennsylvania  game thrived on and preferred chestnuts to acorns or other foods. The wood is naturally rot resistant. That along with being a dominant population  in the applilachian forests were why it was a popular building material.  

I just love the color of the wood when finished with oil or hand rubbed furniture  wax or Polyurethane.

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Ways amazed at the placement of Apple trees on my 5th generation  farm.  Randomly along field edges. I suspect great grand dad or grandad ate an apple while working the horses or riding on an old tractor and the tree grew where the core landed when thrown 


That makes me smile.

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On 5/22/2023 at 9:09 PM, hobbyfarm said:

What is wrong with silver maple?

Sorry, haven't been on the net for a bit.

Silver Maples are brittle, the roots run high right at ground level, they produce a ton of leaves and the helicopters as mentioned. Not good for firewood, dries out too fast or goes punky.

My place is littered with Norway Maple, an non-native tree which was planted on the 1700's farm across the street, they have a thick canopy which kills anything under the tree due to no sunlight. I am working on getting rid of them, but if I cut them all down now since I lost all my ash, I would be in a field instead of the woods. I burn the wood, but it does not have a lot of BTU's.

If  you want Maple go with a Sugar, it is know as "Hard Maple".

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