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Baling twine and duct tape, sort of


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This afternoon working up ground I noticed a fender getting wet ahead of the windshield on the 385.  As soon as I opened the door to inspect I could smell fuel.  Opened the hood and 2 plastic fuel lines had rubbed through.  Called the dealership, no lines on hand, I needed to get the field done, so I came up with an idea, super glue, flex seal tape, and zip ties. 3A435884-6B3C-4E0E-88C5-B872E7F412F6.thumb.jpeg.1b5fbaab74016a824e5ff97d72f15338.jpeg3EC09869-FD5C-417E-85BC-172C05742768.thumb.jpeg.dbaee6e10476ac9f923edf3cef43e482.jpeg

It finished the day, and may have to run tomorrow like this until the lines are here to replace.  

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9 hours ago, midnightman said:

That would be a permanent repair for a lot of guys!

The one line I received does not look right, so those repairs may end up getting our last 750 acres done, and worry about it this summer?!


7 hours ago, vtfireman85 said:

Good repair, i wonder how the flex seal tape will hold up with the fuel. Good luck tomorrow! 

I’m not sure either? Luckily the 1 line had just the start of a pin hole, so if the super glue lasts for awhile, maybe the tape will get warm enough it will be impenetrable? If you’ve ever used flex seal tape, it is 100 times better than any brand of duct tape! And if the sticky sides touch, you just throw that piece away, you won’t get it apart! 

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