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Need a shaft coupling, don’t know what it’s called

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Replacing a pump on neighbors vineyard sprayer. The shafts on the pump and driveshaft are 3/4” dia with ‘flats’ on them. 

The coupling is 3-1/4” long and has 4 set screws that go on the ‘flats’. 2 of them are corroded so badly that the hex sockets stripped when I tried to turn them out. I was able to remove the pump with BFH….but now I need a coupler since those socket head set screws are not coming out.

Problem is I don’t know what to call it when looking for a new one. I can find couplers for keyed shafts, hex shafts and even 2 piece compression couplers but so far none for flat shafts.

Any ideas on what to call it - it seems to me to be the most basic shaft coupler there is but I can’t find one.


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Here is page from a Sprayer Specialties catalog.  Looks like the Hypro roller pumps are mostly 5/8” or 15/16” diameter.  If so, the top line, 1320-0015 might work.  The prices shown are usually discounted.  Or have a machine shop make one.  Brian  


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Looks like a piece of pipe with four tapped holes in it to me.
as suggested above, cut  the shaft, heat it and hammer it out , drill straight through those Allen screws, (That will give them room to expand inward) get them them red hot and they will come out.  If not, drill beside them and tap new holes.  
Hours worth of work, opposed to half an hour on the phone and then waiting for parts

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4 hours ago, Dave Downs said:

Can't get the coupler off the pump shaft - yes I used heat.....

Thermo-cycle it with cold water. Repeatedly until it breaks, or it comes apart. The trouble with heat is the heat will expand everything. You need to heat and rapidly cool the outer portion to get it to release. Not an expert- just my limited experience…

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