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Farmall 450 Diesel correct Thermostat

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I am and asking the question what is the correct Thermostat for the Farmall 450 Diesel the stat I pulled out is a 315738 R91.  The stat that I ordered that said would work is a stat for a Farmall M. The 450 thermostat house is bigger above the stat and the stat for the M looks like it’s necked down going towards the radiator. Wondering what everyone is using for thermostats in these old IH diesels

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Heres what Dad taught me years ago. Melt down some lead, I use old wheel weights. Fill in the bypass  passage in the lower portion, then drill the center out and use die grinder to enlarge hole. On upper portion fill in center section. Then you can use a standard thermostat for a early 60s Ford 390, think dad only used 160°, but I'd go with 180° at least. Then it warms up to about the high side of cold on the gauge and stays there. Dad also replaced the fan belt with one that's an inch shorter than standard  size which fits down in pulleys better to increase fan speed a bit. He was a firm believer in those modifications.  I just converted my brother in law's 350and the cooling system works flawlessly 20230207_141444.thumb.jpg.23db5dc9d2b29d6d83507bce4d0d402a.jpg20230207_141509.thumb.jpg.88756ee02bf43cb68c00afd56311f2fe.jpg

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I will take pictures of my Thermostat housing and send. In my housing the bypass passage is huge and I am not sure where you say dill a hole and use die grinder.  Does the Ford 390 thermostat have a bypass hole in the stat itself. Appreciate the help

Thank You

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