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8ft belly mower


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Dang, I got a M (with a narrow front @acem) and a SM not really getting much use. 

Glad I'm not closer or I would have that mower deck home by now. 

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My bad......couldn't read the small print without zooming way in......(that's what I get for looking at it on my phone only.....)

From the Farmington videos, they look like a horse of a mower.

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4 hours ago, nomorejohndeere said:

Do it man do it


I am really close to making the missus mad at me.................................................................again☹️     😆

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6 hours ago, iowaboy1965 said:

Aw cmon Jeff,  your telling me the missus wouldn't love you forever if you bought that for her for mother's day? 😁

Oh, it would ramp up our married bliss for sure Doug😜

See, I got her a CC RZT for mother's Day awhile ago so if I bought her another mow outfit as fun, exotic and exciting as this one.

How would I top myself next year🤔. 😂

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Eleven hours sixteen minutes down there from here



Still need to figure out how much I am spending for a cattle working tub i promised to buy from a friend. 


Just put new axles, brakes, wiring on my flatbed trailer. 

It could use a maiden voyage

Wonder if he'd take a semen tank in trade for the mower straight across???







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