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886 MCV rebuild question

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I'm rebuilding the MCV on my 886 and had to many distractions the other day when taking it apart, is there supposed to be an O-Ring in the Grove around the big hole in the center where my finger is in the picture. This is the first one of these that i have ever had apart.20230501_192714.thumb.jpg.1f3084d26a8d12c803fa3d4f74839e65.jpg

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1 hour ago, Red Tech said:


I dont remember one on the very outside, I thought just on the steering pressure passages between the valve and spacer plates.  

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If there are threads in that hole, there will be a bolt that will thread into it through the outside cover.  That bolt will have a special washer on it that has an O-ring fused to the ID of the washer.  I don't know the part number of the combination washer/o-ring offhand, but I could look it up if you need it.

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