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A good friend of mine who has been a cowboy poet for a long time was in a bad horse wreck. R P Smith has toured the country sharing his stories with anyone who would listen and now he’s in the hospital in Omaha getting his pelvis plated and dealing with a broken back, punctured lung, and fractured ribs. 
I know he’s a tough cowboy, who believes in the Lord, but he could sure use some prayers right now. 

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Where at in Omaha??   UNMC?

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Jeanie told me about his wreck this morning.

He is a real nice guy.

We had him as entertainment at a Sandhills Cattle convention one year, I think in Broken Bow maybe 

Really enjoyed him

Will add my prayers for a quick and complete recovery.

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An update on RP. He had his pelvis plated Monday. They also put a screw in his tailbone. The broken back, they have decided that he will need a brace, but no surgery. His ribs and lung will heal on their own. He isn’t to walk for 6 weeks but is able to stand and pivot into a chair. 
Talking about releasing him from where he is and sending him to an acute rehab facility. 

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Update again. RP is home. He did his radio show today so he is somewhat back to normal. Still extremely limited as to what he can do. Sitting is about the only thing he is allowed, and that is terribly difficult to do when you run a bunch of cows! Probably a good thing he has 6 children ☺️.If you get the opportunity, his radio show is called HomeGrown. 

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