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Maple Hill Farm 2023 Crop Season


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After 8 weeks straight working Saturdays at Colfax, I was given a 3 day weekend over Memorial Day.  A great chance to finish planting soybeans.   A bittersweet situation because I had been covering my co worker Alan during his recent illness. Alan passed away Thursday evening in Omaha of liver failure. So, I am the senior member of the parts department now.  Hope a replacement is hired soon. Tired of funerals!

Dad took his pickup on Friday to pick up the last of our soybean seed from our Pioneer dealer 5 miles away.  His pickup died on route and would not restart.  So, he had it towed to the Ford garage and caught a ride home.  A second trip with my dually was successful. 

  Nichting's called:  The 1206 is receiving a clutch, flywheel and PTO gear. One of the pads busted the rivets and tore the clutch to pieces. (I put a rear main seal in it  2 years ago, so it was dry.)

Despite some small repairs to the planter, I planted a couple acres Friday night. The leaking cylinder was replaced with a new one along with hoses and pioneer tips.   







Saturday, I ran the 826 and planter from 7:30 AM to 8:30 PM.  Getting dry and dusty,  we need a good rain. 






Yesterday,  I  discovered more repairs needed on the planter and finally made it to the field around 11 AM.  The planter is getting a thorough inspection and overhaul late this summer or fall. I don't have time next spring with the Roundup in Spencer to lose time in the field again!  I am gonna be good at these 7000 planters after that!

Ran out of seed last night about 7:30, cannot pickup more until Tuesday.  So, the last 2 acres will have to wait...



I am really enjoying running the 826 on the planter. That hydro is so handy slowing down for rough spots and turning. Wish I had swapped the monitor over off the 1206, lots of checking the boxes without it!


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Sorry to hear about Allen. Didn't think he looked very good the last time I saw him but not that bad.

Thought you would like planting with the 826! Be interesting to see if the 12 gets her job back next spring.

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Hauled my heifer girls to Dayton's Meat Products in Malcom, IA for butchering and processing.



Painted and delivered a replacement rear wheel casting for the 1206.


Dropped my Impala off to have the front end repaired. 


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Wish our corn looked that good. Ours looks like crap right now 

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Finished side dressing the corn last week.   Fought the drive system for the squeeze pump the entire time.  Definitely on the rebuild list before next season.  20230627_190025.thumb.jpg.b8dc7d63218e3ce8ca4db7caedc77087.jpg

You can see Dad in the background spraying the same field I was side dressing. We finished about the same time that night.


Spraying soybeans now.  3 loads down. 4 to go.




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Neighbors harvested our soybeans a couple weeks ago.  Took them 3 hours.  They arrived this evening to start on the corn.  I rode along in the 9420 and the auger cart awhile.   About 20 percent moisture.  Yielding decent.












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