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PTO control valve


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New leak today, every time I start the engine I discover something :D

It comes from the PTO control valve

On the parts catalog there is 2 seals but I'm not sure of what is the part #31 and if I need it

Of course, here the #35 is not available...


The 3pts linkage is here only to cover the hole, I have a new one perfectly painted who will be installed when I will have set the draft control (there is a screw inside the carrier ;) )






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53 minutes ago, Red Tech said:

The oring, number 35, is easily available.  The new number is 89626929, which replaces 237-6014.

The seal number is 381477R91.

Reuse part #31, it is just a spacer.

the oring ref is #297459R1

not available but indeed replaced by #89626929 and this ref is the same as #70921886

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Spool does not come out the top. Yes you have to remove #45. Lift spool and find small hole in stem. Insert Allen wrench in hole to keep from turning and unscrew #45. If no set screw or jam nut. It may be loctited and need a little heat.

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1 hour ago, François02 said:

that is the problem: I can not remove the whole axle

I have to remove the square part #45

Yes, remove that part first

may need to need to heat the square nut a little if it has lock-tite on the threads -- check first in case someone has drilled and installed a set screw in the square nut

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