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5088 oil in the coolant


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I just bought a 5088 that I was told has water in the oil, it turns out, it has a bunch of oil in the water. I've been hearing that this is usually the oil cooler on these. So I'll probably start with that, any tips for flushing the system? Dish soap and a pump to circulate it somehow? When I pulled the radiator cap it was just a milky mass in there. They haven't dropped the tractor off yet, it's from a neighbor that I'm repainting a couple Magnums for, so we just traded some labor for it. It has a new radiator, so hopefully I can get it clean, it's sat like this since last summer. 

   Transmission has been updated, rear axle seals done, pto seals, and new front tires.

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I have used Arm & Hammer Washing Soda in the past. (Most stores carry it - Walmart)

Little suds and seemed to do a nice job.

Clean it out as best you can first, change the cooler, then use a strong mixture of the soda and water.

Drive it around and get it warm.

Then drain it quickly, usually at the lower hose.

Refill and use more soda.

Do this three times and it usually gets things clean.

It is a mess and it takes time to clean it up.

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Dawn dish soap,   Oil floats so get cooler on there, fill with hot water and soap,   Some will float out top.   It makes a mess, but you already have one with oil in water.   Get it hot and flush it a few times.   The rad cap will collect slime for a while.  

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On 4/19/2023 at 3:30 PM, jass1660 said:

Cascade powdered soap one of the best. 

Always had good luck with cascade here. Tried the liquid cascade once and it did not work near as good

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On 4/19/2023 at 10:28 PM, WisIHCFarmer said:

Milky, but its been sitting for awhile. Hasn't ran since last summer. 

I'm guessing it could be more than the cooler. It wouldn't get milky from setting. I think I would dig a little deeper before just throwing a cooler at it.

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