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tracks and dual stacks

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...underneath that mess of pig iron...I believe there sits a T6.......

....another low mileage ..., one owner  snip.....or a scrappers dream...??

...the person or persons , that  covered that once fine  old tractractor, with all that involved crap must have qualified as some sort of ''sadomasochism''  type personal  disorder.......and we can only hope that the culprits  are safely chained up in some dungeon...somewhere., out of sight..out of mind....

.."nomorejohndeere "......you are not into fabrication....are you ??????!!!!!



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Bottom one is either 182 series or possibly 201 vintage, first pic looks like possibly 181 series or very late 18A

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11 hours ago, nomorejohndeere said:

no clutch pedal

hand clutch?



This is a TD340A, clutch pedal is on the far left, right pedal operates the brakes, the tall lever on the left with the round knob is the fast reverser. The two long levers on the right are hydraulic control valve levers. T and TD340's have planetary steering, no steering brake pedals.


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Not sure there isn't much to service in there just inspect and would keep more dirt out in place, even more are missing the sprocket shields, see a couple siezed pins but overall a tidy machine that someone has started giving it some care

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11 hours ago, Ian Beale said:

A question - why do a lot of the IH dozers that show up don't have the cover over the recoil springs?

They rust, I have also seen a lot of sprocket shields damaged, the owners take them off instead of replacing or repairing.

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We bought my cousins TD9 and restored it before he pasted. I remember dad and gramps searching for almost a year before the found all the correct lights and those sprocket shields. Ones we had were there but completely rusted and destroyed from manure. 

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