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Old dealer logo from Minnesota on tractor


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I was sitting around the other day wondering what stories some of the used equipment could tell. One in particular came to me from Kansas/Nebraska area then to Pennsylvania then to me. Apparently at some point it was sold in Minnesota,it has a dealership sticker from Mabel Farm Equipment in Mabel Minnesota. From the sticker it appeared to be a Ford/New Holland and ghel dealership at one point. According to Google maps that is close to 1000 miles away. Anyway I got to wondering if they were in business still or if anyone had dealt with them before? I doubt they were the original selling dealer but did they sell international at one point? 

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This brings back memories. One of my first loads in my short truck driving career was a 9 stop load of Kewanee elevators to dealers mostly in eastern Iowa ending in Mabel.  IIRC the dealership was on the highway on the east end of town.  I do not remember the main brands sold, but am pretty sure it was not IH. 
As I finished unloading I noticed that there were 4 bolt hubs and 5 bolt wheels.  It was noted on the bills when they signed them and I left.  About 6 months later I was there again, and as they were signing the bills, the owner says “last spring some kid was here with an elevator with the wheels mixed up. It was a real mess to get straightened out.”  I confessed that yes, that was me….  Brian 

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