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Hit and miss engine

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Just picked this up the other day. 8hp associated,  also known as the 8 mule team. It has 42.5in flywheels and a 26in clutch pulley,  weighs around 3500lbs. My boy zeke has a 1 3/4 hp associated chore boy we are going to run a pump jack with. This engine will run my flywheel woof splitter.20230408_171704.thumb.jpg.fdda2abb26c93fe928c1b80738975e27.jpg20230408_171639.thumb.jpg.4e52d7aaedad64fabd7336b4988501f6.jpg20230330_182030.thumb.jpg.d8cfe798ea271ec5d4ca147912aeeed3.jpg20230330_182050.thumb.jpg.854be1b8a8be82075200fb9358ebeb15.jpg20230330_182106.thumb.jpg.840b5bf38e6cecc24822540cf43ced0e.jpg20220506_200121.thumb.jpg.010e2e8982e9473672932245ef6d253b.jpg20220506_200202.thumb.jpg.67546a7e0fb147fba3e8adf6923285ec.jpg

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Sweet! I enjoy the hit&miss guys at the fairs and the things they run. There's usually a shingle mill, pumps, novelties, and wood splitters, which look like you don't want to loose your concentration when using.

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