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Need new D-358 rod bolts

Red Tech

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I intend to put new rod bolts in the D-358 that I am overhauling in an 886.  The lower bolt in the picture is the original bolt and the upper bolt in the picture is the replacement.

The smooth mid-section of the old bolt serves as a guide for the rod end cap.  On the new bolt, this section is ribbed and is too large, which would result in a press-fit into the cap, making removal of the end cap impossible.  In addition to that problem, the ribbed section at the top of the new bolt is even bigger.  If I attempt to press it into the bolt boss of the rod, I know that the rod will split at the bolt hole.

It appears that all suppliers, including Case-IH, buy from the same source, because the pictures all look identical to the ribbed bolts that I purchased.

Have any of you recently installed new rod bolts in any German Diesels?  If so, where did you get them from?   I called ARP and they said that they only service automotive engines.

Thanks, Red Tech

D-358 rod bolts.JPG

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When we overhauled the D179, I got the lower bolts from IH dealership.  6 bolts and 6 nuts cost $200. Our (sold to us  as a 77) 464/D179 engine was/is not metric.  Have not had any rod issues but the engine only has ~500 Hrs on it.since overhaul

Personally if the IHC dealership is selling the bolts and nuts, we have to assume that their parts department stands by what they sell.

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CNH sells lots of Reliance parts nowadays. If they're not going to work I'd use the old ones.


Have your dealer check the Parts Depot, the website says they have some, just hope they're oem type. 



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