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756 - Clutch settings + TA dump valve


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Wait a minute, didn't some of these have a drive in seal, and they went to an o-ring with the newer stuff. 

Let me do some looking?

An o-ring won't work in the adapter he is showing as there is no groove to hold the o-ring.

No wonder it leaks?


I went back to the 806 parts manual on Case/IH and that shows an o-ring on the TA lever spool valve and TA dump valve.

I can't tell if this was a change over from the seal setup.

I remember the vice was a great way to press that seal in.

But I may be thinking of the seal on the PTO engagement shaft?

Now I don't know, other than what he has won't work with an o-ring.


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I think I have found what happened...

The O ring in the TA valve and in the dump valve are very similar and my dealer exchanged them

I have changed everything and it seems it works now, without a leak (need to be confirm)

I just have a small leak on the steering valve, a line who goes to the steering cylinder. To tighten it, I need to dismantle the battery and the starter motor :(

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7 hours ago, stronger800 said:

I think I have a ground thin wrench, maybe bent a little, for that job 


it is very difficult to made one wrench for this job, and it will be faster dismantling the starter motor and the battery. I hope tighten a bit more will be enough...

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