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50 series early vs late.


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19 minutes ago, Reichow7120 said:

I suck at posting videos on here. But Sawyer Brown had a song Called "Cafe Down on the Corner" if you watch the music video it has echos of the farm crisis in it. 

thanks for sharing. I never seen that one before


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14 minutes ago, acem said:

The whole US economy was in the tank in the early 90s. Not just ag.


correct, the crisis in the 80s was not just a farm crisis either at least not here! high unemployment both times

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1 hour ago, Reichow7120 said:

Same thing here. 

Dad was in a Damned if i do, Damned if don't. 

Farming with Grandpa from when he graduated in 1972. The only good thing was Dad hated milking cows. In the late 70s they were in the need to update the dairy and to make it pay they would have probably had to expand. They were milking 30 or 40 cows at the time. It was a no brainer for Dad. With those options Dad said how quick can the cows go. They were feeding cattle too and he liked that better. Cows went and they got beef brood cows to go where the dairy was. Cows and the feedlot are still here. 

Im willing to bet if they had borrowed to update and expand the dairy, it would have sunk the place in the 80s.

My home town went through a extremely bloody early 80s job wise. Factories closing left and right. One point in 1981 the jobless rate in Albion was 28%. I blow my wife away when i tell her that until I was in high school i never went to school more than a block away from a abandoned factory. Kindergarten thru 8th grade. On the opening day of school every year during the first day assembly they were always telling us not to wander into the old factories. It was that easy to do around here. Town honestly has never fully recovered from it. Town was roughly 20,000 before. Now we run roughly 8000. We were just voted 8th most dangerous city in Michigan.  We don't call it little Detriot for nothing. 

By the time i came along in 84. Couldn't make squat farming, Couldn't get a job off the farm either. So he stuck it out. 1988 was our almost broke us year. Drought and my brother being born with health problems pretty much broke my parents. I was 4 that Christmas and i remember how bad they felt when they could only afford one Christmas present for me.

1990 Grandpa retired and Dad bought him out so money remained tight for years. My Great Grandpa hung up farming in 94 and Dad took over. My Grandpa helped where he could. But with the additional work and couldn't afford help. I got throw into the trenches. I was 9 that spring. Get home from school, change clothes and ride my bike. To the main farm to grab a tractor at the main farm and go to work. That was the end of a carefree childhood. We were farming with worn out junk by that point. That's where i learned to wrench on stuff.

It worked out. Still farming. 

  Ironically, the area economy peaked during the 1970's.  Then like somebody clicked on a switch a series of events happened that drastically cut the number of jobs.  People were always leaving but for high quality jobs but by the 1980's people were leaving to simply find 40 hours of work per week.  Any work.  Any job.  Mom would get on me about having something while in between semesters but the answer from prospective employers was always no and a number of times was told I did not need a given job as someone who was heading a family complete with kids needed it worse.  My biggest problem was that I lacked connections that others had to get in.  Things at that point were not so bad in Rochester, NY but having no connections meant no job.  Even my mother-in-law conceded that years after the fact.  Crime was not so bad but I think most people thought we had very little worth stealing.  I should not fret so much about the 1980's but it always had the feel of a lost decade.  One that I could have ill afforded to lose.  

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766 said it best ! it was a lost decade for some guys. I took almost a 75% pay cut after returning to school and it took almost 10 years to get to that level again.


this is Brantford's stats - I live in Brant County The City got stuck with many vacated buildings in tax arrears with age old soil contamination


By the end of 1981, unemployment stood at over 22 percent, 8,000 workers were out of work.

At the end of 1982, 10,161 workers were out of work in a city of 75,000. The welfare rolls classified 60 percent of the recipients as employable.


I took some of those pics, the fire was the second factory Cockshutt built. unsolved mystery what caused the fire. The other one with broken windows was Massey's foundary. I haven't been down that area of town for 10 years. its sad! 






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