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would you go back for the tractor?


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Hi, early in the video from frame 4:20 to 4:26 fuel was not your problem.  You can see fuel shooting out of the fuel line going to the carburetor.  Too bad you didn't notice that - it would have saved you some time and effort.  I might also suggest priming it - pour a little gasoline down the carb before cranking on the starter. 

You also never mentioned checking the oil.  That radiator water had to go somewhere.  I also highly recommend at least changing the oil filter before starting it.  Wix, in one of their technical bulletins, stated that whenever an engine is to be started after sitting for years, the oil filter should be changed before the first crank of the starter.  Not only could the oil possibly be contaminated, but analysis has shown that newly applied pressure to a filter that has been soaking for years usually blows out part of the filter, sending most everything previously collected in that filter circulating throughout the lubrication system of that engine.  




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I'd load up the tractor to take home if possible....

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