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3 hours ago, Matt Kirsch said:

If it was buried in 9000 emails (wasn't someone complaining about "K" being used to mean 1000 when it's a METRIC term and METRIC is the DEVIL?), it was probably from years ago.

You have days or weeks, and if you don't use the account for a period of time, they delete it. A friend of mine had a fake FB account and he "let it go" a in stopped logging in, and now you can't find any trace of it.

Start over and follow through this time.

My experience was that whatever email address you used when trying to open an account that they deleted, because they didn't like your name, or you didn't have a picture, etc, would remain deleted forever. In other words, if you tried to use that email address to open another account later....even much later, it would still show account deleted.

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On 3/6/2023 at 10:19 AM, vtfireman85 said:

I have a BS account, not my real name, only friends with my wife because i had to have one to join the local garage sale page. 
i have had better luck with market place than Craigslist. Set up an account with a generic picture/name/info and go. 
dip your toe in a little on the selling, just do a couple of items at first until you get the hang of it, sometimes it can be overwhelming if you get too much going on at once. 

My Facebook page is far from accurate.

Not my real name and only the bare lies needed to get it open.

I have no friends, 30 years younger and live in a little town that has less than 20 people in it.

Nobody complains and the only thing I have to remember is my alias and answer to it.

100 years from now, no one is going to care!



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I recommend Marketplace if you  don't get an auctioneer to do an online service

The biggest problem I can see for you is shipping. you will have to take care of it yourself and by the sounds if it you have 1000s of items? It will be a slow process selling a few items a week?

start a new profile with a different email address and a slightly different name ( maybe add an initial) I haven't had any problems joining the free IH auction groups . I only have tractor friends ( only 1 Canadian) and only pics of tractors on my page. I think the group admins know I am legit.

Also join IH groups that interest you to also let the Admins know you are legit

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DD    I think thats why/how we had an unverified account <2016,  ONLY as a means of broader shopping,but old Pc went un trackable and didnt keep up.

past time to circle the wagons ,We are sparse here,with 500 +  within 2 m of farm,20k locusts  < 10 mile,exponentially  worse 20> all wanting a free meal.


It may be a time to respond proper and correct, thing,as of today NONE of the accounts can be located. <2020  vs denied/locked last week,  I f they had humans to call ,could probably fix in 20 minutes,

 ,just so the local cidiotes dont know more than me.          already had Q and not listed anything yet??

Gc has penciled in a retry on this PC,but only gets 1 day a month,< 3 hrs once they are here . Hope they can keep the OT and JOB until '25

A "new" address may not matter as I see,ISP and device are given an operating #,   any one else use/just have pc and wall phone? pre party line.

REal Auction went 25 yrs ago,might trust Girard or vectis but 30% + shipping 2-3x .

The regional online ,does poor photos and less description/ calls, 15% bp not even listed today.

$50 per item fee, smalls/indoor out of weather or off site, ZERO offsite contact/inspection, until paid with wire ONLY $ , $500 plus upfront (service fee) for titled item.     More of a front for his owned china crap and faux bids .

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