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grader goodie


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I've seen both but probably more IH based on tractor style, American and Trojan were a couple manufacturers IIRC 

AC probably made the nicest smaller true graders of that era that are still sought after

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On 2/24/2023 at 2:53 PM, cedar farm said:

A guy I know has an Allis model D grader. Cute little grader. I believe a WD45 or D17 engine. 

My Papa had one he used when developing lake lots.  

Unfortunately it sat with problems for long enough he didn't care and sold it.

I can remember riding on it with him but the controls were over my head.


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21 minutes ago, nomorejohndeere said:

Screenshot (290).png

Wow! That one looks like it is really well built. If only it was about 4 states farther north!

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9 hours ago, nomorejohndeere said:


Just saw a video on these on Youtube.  Ironman 3406 was operating the last one built (1 prototype and 7 production units).  While big, I don't see much use for them since the moldboard doesn't rotate.  You need to crab the front end over to tilt the blade, which is weird.  8v71s on front and back so roughly 600 hp with both lit up.

Since they were built in MN its possible they were designed to help maintain the haul roads in the iron ore mines.



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59 minutes ago, Mudfly said:

There is a lot to take from that video.  Raygo at one time owned part of Wagner the same company that invented the modern 4 wheel drive tractor.  And together they made some pretty big earthmoving stuff too.  And as the guy stated, the front is just half of a scraper.  The Steiger brothers also copied that hinge in all their barn series tractors.

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