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1026 wiring.


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57 minutes ago, nate said:

We have a few different 56 manuals.   We are going off them.   Not sure about sensor on foot n inch pedal or pressure sensor on hydro?

The foot and inch is the pressure (actually flow sensor) the one on the hydro is temp. They are parallel grounds for the tell light. Ground either one and the light lights.

As I recall wire comes from tell light to foot and inch. Shares terminal with feed to temp switch. Temp switch grounds through casting. Other terminal on foot and inch is ground. Don't remember exactly where it grounded. Not that it matters much.

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nate, this is a schematic for an early 9/1066 Hydro with an alternator with an external voltage regulator. Should be similar to a 1026 in most respects. I cannot seem to find a schematic that is specific to 8/1026 Hydro. Hope this helps anyway.

966 Hydro schematic.png

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