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Can you guys identify these pickups? ( 47 dodge and 54 gmc maybe ? )


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It looks to me that the headlights on the Dodge are tucked down near the grill which makes it 39 or 40.  If they are up on the crown of the fender it is 41 through 47. If it was in Canada I would say that with chrome or stainless steel trim it is not from the war years.  I am not sure when they went to painted ornaments and grill pieces or when they switched back to stainless.  The last year for that body style was 47.   Serial number should be on the r.h. door post.  Post that and someone will give you the year and size.  

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4 hours ago, searcyfarms said:


awwwww how thoughtful, the new FAT SISTERS youtube channel begins with the first two items you DONT GET...........

be sure to post pix of the happy new owners too when they come to get them

Id wash the snow and rinse the dirt off so they look more awesome too

have fun dragging them around!!!

ya were all onto ya wanting to get out and play in the loader and make snow paths and spin around in the slick stuff but what a great excuse to do it

My brother gets all the fun pushing and yanking stuff. It’s his bosses loader. I am going to put on Facebook a grand total of our sale proceeds.

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42 minutes ago, hillman said:

I done some searching . that Dodge appears to be a 1939 due to the Dodge emblem close to the front. The ones I found from 1940-47 have the emblem back above the engine side panel




Thanks for the information. When it warms up and snow is gone I am going to clean them up and try to move them. Will have more dodge pics later this week.

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Thanks all you guys. That is what is great about red power. Post a stupid thought with some pictures and you guys that know will answer. And shame on me Dad to Us years ago what year these were. Just forgot 1985 was long ago. Like I said Dad bought the gmc for 75 at a local farm sale. We started it up put a rod bearing was out, the dodge sat at the place up the road with our 63 Chevy. We drug them home in 1985.

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Oh the pics of the Dodge sure brings back memories.  Dad had a47 Dodge 3-ton truck, but she more than once carted the D4 Cats around all over the place.  No wonder the diff had a constant whine/grate sound on it!  Sadly, it got cut up for scrap.
She was the same blue-black 2-tonme color as that pickup!

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