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Looks like it fell off a truck? Rolled over? But then again the stack isn't bent.  Maybe never rolled onto the exhaust side?

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Might have gone over the side of a bunk silo. Was also thinking it lost a fight with a tornado.... but they sure got it darned good & clean if it did.


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On 2/9/2023 at 2:15 PM, nomorejohndeere said:



China thought they could slip this "barroon" through Iowa airspace. 


Good ol boys there didn't fall for it. 🤠

Local 5th grader took it down with his 10/22

Guess they didn't want to wait for Air Force🙄



27 minutes ago, stronger800 said:

Hopefully nobody was injured, and I’d like to give $500-600  for that muffler if its actually straight and would fit my 115

Check the muffler for bullet holes before buying🧐    😉    😄

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3 hours ago, 1256pickett said:

Rear ended would not likely do that when it appears to go down in the middle. If it was a compact tractor maybe but the bend would go up in the middle. I think it’s more likely he had to big of a baler on it and it couldn’t handle the force of the plunger. 
kinda like this guy is asking for. 


I had to load a backhoe attachment with one of those had to take it apart and the dipper and the bucket was more than it wanted had to take the bucket off to load it

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23 minutes ago, Art From Coleman said:

But, don't you know that he/she/it IS a big time farmer/rancher/horsey person.

I am surprised that the PTO clutch stands up to the jerking.


The shocks on my truck have a bigger piston than those lift cylinders 

It's not the length that matters it's the girth that makes the difference 

Even the women know that 

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