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Oliver and White


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6 hours ago, IHandJDman said:

In a book I have about Oliver, they tried to merge with Case first in the late 50s and then even with Cummins. A pair of corporate raiders got ahold of Oliver, spun some of the things off and then sold it to White.  Without White motor Oliver would have been done by the late 50s early 60s also.  

Can you imagine a 2255 FwA Oliver with a Cummins, that would have been sweet.

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My buddy has a 2255 fwa with a 3208 cat in it. It’s his baby haha used on plow days and tractor pulls for fun and show. He pulls a 6/18 Oliver plow with hydraulic resets and it does a good job. Another friend of mine has another 2255 with fwa and he takes hay with it because he’s scared he’ll have to find part! Both are a joy to run

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Sorry to hijack ,

Something often overlooked is another manufacturing venture Cockshutt owned. Brantford Carriage Co  later named Brantford Coach and Body .then Brantford Trailer and Body. The corporate raiders also profited from the sale of this company in 1962. It was eventually purchased  by Trailmobile http://www.trailmobile.com/ 

Those companies built wagons, truck bodies and in the modern era highway trailers  It was operating until 1990 in Brantford and later sold to Fruehauf

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