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What did you do with your Red tractor today?

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41 minutes ago, just Dave said:

It looks like you have a whole film crew for those shots

i am pretty amazed at the technology of the lower middle class drones.

"High Wind Warning" came across the controller screen, wind was gusting to 30

Each time I put it in place, about 180' feet up, it stayed right there and I was able to take the shots

Wind is hard on batteries though.


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Wrestled with tires! Got the one dismounted, beads broke on the other. I put the tire and rim back on the tractor to dismount, things got a bit sketchy getting the tire out from underneath the rim. Thinking I will just remove the other next to the building. Slow process but at least I'm making some headway.




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On 6/19/2023 at 11:47 AM, nepoweshiekfarmalls said:

Stopped at the Cracker Barrell in West Des Moines for late dinner on my way home from Grand Island.  The view is from my table.  Watched an older gentleman walk over and look the old H over.20230618_152959.thumb.jpg.966ce01e4faeb4fcbc131e507d61ad94.jpg

The chicken fried chicken is awesome at Cracker Barrel.

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On 6/19/2023 at 4:04 PM, sandhiller said:

Got to work on the corrals some more today

93° and 30% humidity, Ima sweatin.........

started to drag the tub up to it's final resting place with the 656 Hydro

Worked real well, I could sit on the fender and run the hydro and steer while having a good view of what was going on behind me (slow is fast!)

Ooh, top of 966 could use a splash of paint😪



Hit some soft ground and a bit steep, had to reposition and rechain a few times, kind of a tight fit



More repositioning and rechaining, the F20 forklift was kinda limited as it didn't want to get around in the soft ground real well


Brought in the second 656 to help clock it around to match up to the alleyways



Ran outta time, have to go after a load of fuel. 

I was about done in anyway.

Needed me a couple helper monkeys😄


Was able to get back to setting the tub in the corrals today.




And it is ready to wean calves



It will look a lot different when all the wood and wire leave and we come back with all steel. 

This was just to get the calves weaned

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Dad is bushogging with the 1456, so I fed cows with the 1086.  However, went to turn the AC on and it just kicks right back off, ugh.


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8 hours ago, MT Matt said:


Finally cut some hay with the Super MTA and NH 479. Hope it dries, got a little rain this morning but not any worse then the morning dew. 

Nice scenery!

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I worked on my Federal Yellow IH track loader today. I got it started for the first time in a year after a very long search for very hard to find DT-429 exhaust parts. It now has a very good exhaust manifold and new turbo and exhaust elbow on it. It sounded great. My ears are ringing, but I loved it. 

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I used my 434 to Bush Hog some of the rougher part of the yard and between some tree rows and the road ditch to make things look a bit better. Most of my Grand children are going to use this as a gathering spot and accommodations while they come here for our village Centenial celebration and a family reunion whom they only know a hand full. I will be gone to my Nephew's wedding 700 miles away. Sometimes you have to make tough decisions. 

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Had the 434 out for a bit doing some yard work, I'm tired of mowing around the alder bushes along the edge of the lawn. So I hooked a chain around the bases and pulled them out of the ground. Some of the alders had a 6" base to them. The old girl grunted a bit but with a few tugs they all pulled out. Now I don't have to trim them back anymore. 

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19 minutes ago, dale560 said:

We drove ours backwards 10 miles to fix a broken shift arm in trans cover. 


Had to drive the 6080 backwards a little over a mile once at about 5 mph. That was no fun, 10 would be downright painful. I was towing a broken gravity wagon with the loader. At least I didn't have to fix the tractor when I got home.

On the Red front today I didn't really do a thing with mine, but, I got a text from the mechanic working on the 856. It's done! Will need to find a co-pilot to go retrieve it, hopefully tomorrow. He sent a couple of pics.



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37 minutes ago, acem said:


My gut says it was stuck in reverse. Couldn't get it in neutral so you either drug it in gear onto a trailer,  drove it in reverse onto a trailer but then you Either work on it on the trailer or skid it off. Or work on it in place. He was 10 miles away. Our experience on working on stuff in the field that far away usually means multiple trips to and from the shop because you don't have everything you need to do get the job done.

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