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What did you do with your Red tractor today?

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On 2/4/2023 at 5:37 AM, Qc.Can.IH man said:

I cleaned up a bit of snow with my first and one of my favourite 86 series tractors.

 It’s a Hydro 186


 I also felt bad for all my tractors that have to spend the winter outside!

I had so much hay last summer that I had to use one of my equipment storage buildings to store hay in. 

Looks like one of those poor tractors has "hold the fence up " duty 😂😂

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1 minute ago, td9inidaho said:

Looks like one of those poor tractors has "hold the fence up " duty 😂😂

Yes! Exactly! You should see the fence going out the Laneway… Every 10 years or so we have to “replant“ the posts! It’s all PVC fencing, the frost will lift the post out a little bit every year and after five or six years it will start to lean. If it was up to me I would remove that fence because when the wind is from the east the snow will blow through it and make a drift 4 feet deep in the laneway. 

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34 minutes ago, Jacka said:

Live quite a bit away from you but in the same boat as hay.I always emptied my barns of round bales of hay before the next season. Most of mine went south eastern USA.But I don't know if it's the economy, dairy guys like me quiting,not only not buying hay but selling now and more hay is on the market. I am pretty much fed up with making hay for selling even though I been involved with it my entire life. I am going to get back in the backgrounding cattle for a best spring grass  and then just make a few for me.But at least one guy other than me cringes when his stuff has to sit out.You also have some very nice tractors. I am building a small overshoot like the original poster asked so my Black Stripe Hydro 100 doesn't have to share the back part of barn with a horse gated in the front. 

It seems like every year is different in the hay business! Last year (2022) I was getting up to 9.25 - 8 foot bales per acre of first cut, my normal average is between 4 and 5 – 8 foot bales per acre.

2020 I was getting between 1 and 1.9 bales per acre because of drought, and there was no second or third cut worth cutting!

I also truck a lot of hay for other people, back in 2020 I didn’t make much money growing hay but trucking it paid my year! One of my regular customers that I truck for lives 2 hours east of me, he would send me 6 hours north and then it was 7 1/2 hours to his place. It was taking me 3 days to do 2 loads!

 I make big square bales, normal sizes are 3 x 3 x 6‘ or 3 x 3 x 8‘ for my regular customers, those two sizes are the only size I will store here.

 I have some customers that want other sizes but they take them all straight off the field.

I know one guy that does between 5 and 600 acres of hay that’s planning on getting out of the business and into cash cropping (corn, soybeans etc.) where the real money is! Lol

 I don’t like to have my equipment outside either, I was hoping to move out more hay before December but it didn’t happen! next winter everything will be put away! 🤞🏻

 I plan on sticking with the hay business for the rest of my working days (hopefully for the next 10 to 20 years)🤞🏻   A couple of months of year of high stress is enough for me in my old age! Lol

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Took the 460 over to the FIL’s and cleaned up his drive way and pushed the banks back where they belong.

more today

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Drove past the 560 LPG and 560 Diesel and the old 450 gas. They were sitting there peaceful as can be. 766, 806 and Farmall H were inside and i didn't see them. Most of them would start if need be

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Unloaded 5 round bales that Dad purchased for the calves.  Then fed them a bale.  The only work the Hydro 100 will see for the next few weeks.






Dad grabbing some corn to keep the calves busy while I back the bale in.


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20 minutes ago, Drysleeves said:

Casting around the instruments and steering column painted black?

Yes. Gold paint under the red on the hoods and fenders too.

It's an original gold demo but still has to earn her keep round here. Neighbors bought it new.


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Worked on the battery box, toolbox, and seat bracket on the Cub this afternoon. It all started with replacing the battery cables and has turned into a working restoration of sorts. Went to shove it back into its place with the 340 and found it had a flat. So took it off and will take to town tomorrow to have it fixed. Have to get new battery cables for the Cub also. Next weekend is tackling the hydraulic valves on the 300 Farmall. The o-rings have leaked for the last couple years but now they're pouring so need to get fixed before hay season. Also have to put the plow on the Cub so I can break the garden if it ever dries out. Other than that, haven't been able to do much with my tractors between the weather and sickness. 


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34 minutes ago, EJQ said:

Blew some snow with the 826 Hydro.


No cab.....man you're tough!!!   Coming back inside looking like frosty the snowman is not fun!

Sharp rig!

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Something different today.

Put baleage in the corrals with the 826 and caught the cattle.

Separated bull calves off.

Hauled calves out to the county road with the 886 and gooseneck trailer. Muck was so bad we couldn't even get a 4wd truck in the corrals without the trailer!

We've got to move another load tomorrow. I'll try to get a pic.

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Took the alternator off the 756 and had it tested. it was bad. New one will be here in the morning. Will fix wiring going to it with new connector as some of it is cracking.  put new battery in it last one only lasted 6 months.




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21 minutes ago, WishIhada1466 said:

This morning I used my 806 to pull a 5088 out of the shop to reinstall the cab after some transmission work. This afternoon I'll push it back in and get everything back together.


A 'drawbar' like the one you have hooked between the 806 and 5088 is one handy item to have around the farm! Bought a WD out of Nebraska some years back, for the power steering. It didn't run, owner had a drawbar. Hooked his 190 to the WD and pushed it on the trailer like nothing. I thought, building one of those as soon as we get home! And I did, have only used it a handful of times but when you need it.... It's helped a bunch moving the 826 around.

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Today I fired up Rough Country and hooked her to the Loftness snowblower.  I’m hoping that by hooking up the snowblower we won’t get any more snow!😎  Only my 5488’s have names, because I used to have 3 of them. Rough Country got her name bc my son had some decals left from a lift kit he put on his Ram. The other one I have is Old Faithful, the first 5488 I had. She has a nice seat!  And not always used first but can always do the job!  Shiney I sold to a friend, she had new paint when I bought her from @Thesd5488, who I haven’t seen on here for quite a while, BTW!  






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