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My Favorite IH On The Farm


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Another  neat picture, Mac.....in fact a ghee whiz picture....For me...an ''old school '' hillbilly...I prefer those pictures of the older tractors....we only had small Famall A's  on our tobacco farm ..back in the days...Dad had a  nice Fordson ,repowered with a six cylinder 330 cubic inch Ford diesel, and with a front drive  fitted....Had he /we been able to buy  American   equivalent Horse Power...he no doubt would have...Dad was very pro America..but trade deals and tarrifs and  and bovine fecal matter precluded American  horse   power ...when British would   suffice.......

That a #8 plough ??   Thanks for that Picture....:)

I may lift the ''starting curse''  .I placed on your old 300.....I think you have shown the degree of remorse  and humility   in penance for  that feckless comment  made about your ol'   tractor.......and.......I will get those axe pictures............


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6 hours ago, mike newman said:

That a #8 plough ??

It's actually a #52 Deere plow. The disk is a Deere also, but for the low price of free it's hard to complain about either of them. 

Your comment on trade deals and tarrifs reminds me, I wish I’d taken a picture of the snake I plowed up; too busy looking for a stick to kill it I guess! Pity you and your old man couldn't get a nice Super W6 or something similar. I've never been a Fordson fan myself, but if it's all you can get then it beats a team of horses I reckon. 

Looking forward to the axe pictures, 



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