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Rare Toy Truck

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This is a IHC tractor/trailer set you could buy in the mid to late 50's I believe. The tractor is a CO190 model. You could get it at the IHC truck dealerships. This one was all yellow. They had another one that was all red with just a single axle trailer. I never found any information so i am just repeating what I've been told over the years i have had it.

015 (2).jpg

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Did you play the truck to death? That is what I did to the red tractor trailer when I was a kid. I cut the tabs off where it mounts to the frame so it can tilt like the real ones did! I found the one that is shown here in Missouri about 15 years ago. It sets up on a table collecting dust. This is the only one I have ever seen. If I ever see the red tractor trailer set up I would probably try and get it also.

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The mayflower tractor trailer looks bigger. The tractor and trailer is square corners and not round. I'm guessing it is newer. The red tractor trailer sure brings back fun times of playing with them. My little brother had one also so we did a lot of trucking! We would go up town and buy a bag of cement and and fill our wagon with sand and go home and make roads to drive our big rigs on. Thanks for the pictures and the feed back.

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